Info for On-Campus Employers

Southern Connecticut State campus employers benefit greatly from hiring SCSU students. Student employees bring a fresh perspective to the job and often can apply classroom knowledge to the job to improve efficiency and productivity.

Most students working on campus hold biweekly part-time hourly positions. Others hold positions subsidized by the federal Work-Study program.

The Office of Career & Professional Development manages the university's JOBSs job board, where campus employers can post open positions. See additional info below.


Work-Study awards are based on financial need. They're renewed each year and represent the total amount a student can earn in a Work-Study funded position—the employer-paid portion and the Work-Study reimbursement.

The employer is notified when a Work-Student student is nearing the limit of their award. The employer can continue to pay the student, but will responsible for 100 percent of the student's wages once the award limit is reached.

When interviewing Work-Study eligible students, employers should ask candidates to provide verification of awards. Students can view their financial aid award and if FWS is on their award by using the following: 

  • Go to
  • Enter your User Name and Password and click Sign In
  • Select Banner Student
  • Select Financial Aid
  • Select Award Offer
  • Scroll down to view 

Employers should consider rate of pay, hours required, and whether a student's award is sufficient to meet the department's needs as departments pay students in Work-Study appointments every two weeks. 

Job-Postings and Employer Training

The OCPD staff is available to assist employers who wish to post jobs on the JOBSs system. Employers can contact the Office of Career & Professional Development at

Request a JOBSs account to post your opportunity and visit the Office of Career & Professional Development Employer webpage to learn more about available resources.

You can use the following link to create an account on JOBSs and we will look to approve it right away-

Here are the steps to post job opportunities to JOBSs:

  • Once you are logged in to your account, click on Employer Resources
  • Click Job Postings in the menu on the left
  • Once in Job Postings, scroll down – and you’ll see the option to post a job