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Job Opportunities Benefiting Southern Students (JOBSs) is an online job board available to students and recent alumni looking for full-time or part-time work, co-ops, internships, and on-campus student employment, or volunteer opportunities. Learn about JOBSs.

Student Employment

Working part-time while attending college has many benefits, including learning the expectations of the workplace, improving your time management skills, and developing other abilities necessary for success after you graduate. Besides providing online job listings through JOBSs and assisting with your part-time job search, the Office of Career & Professional Development collaborates with the Office of Financial Aid to facilitate the Federal Work Study Program. Learn about student employment at Southern.

Beware of Job Scams!

The Office of Career and Professional Development reviews all employer and job postings on JOBSs, but site users are urged to select job sites carefully, validate job postings, use caution and common sense when applying for positions, and be alert to fraudulent postings. If you are searching for jobs, please be sure to review the company or ask the OCPD staff for assistance. 

Beware of Job Scams!

Please keep in mind the following before providing personal information to an employer:

Jobs in Connecticut

  • Connecticut Job & Career ConneCTion: The CT Dept. of Labor is your number one source for finding a job in Connecticut.
  • CTJobs: This site has hundreds of job listings in Connecticut.
  • Connecticut Association of Nonprofits: Search this employment database for nonprofit job openings or for general information on nonprofit organizations.
  • CTREAP: Connecticut Regional Applicant and Placement Program is an online application program for educators, using internet technology. Teachers and administrators seeking positions in the State of Connecticut are invited to post an application. Candidates are also able to find out about openings via the postings placed online by the school districts.
  • Tri-State Jobs: Search for jobs in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey.
  • JobsInCT: How Connecticut gets to work; search jobs and company profiles and also find job search tools such as a salary wizard and job search advice.

General Job Websites

  • World's Largest Network of Niche Career Communities
  • Career Builder: Search jobs based on category or location.
  • Search engine designed for current students and recent graduates.
  • Designed for entry-level job seekers.
  • Collegerecruiter: Job search site designed for recent graduates and alumni seeking career opportunities.
  • Webcrawler that allows you to search multiple company web sites based on location, keyword, or company name.
  • Simple search engine where you can enter a keyword and location and view thousands of jobs.
  • Job Web: Features a well-organized index of career guides and job listings.
  • On-line job site.
  • Created to give employers a tool to promote diversity and inclusion within their workplaces and to provide job seekers with easy access to those companies.
  • An online employment search engine dedicated to making searching for positions simple and effective.

Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

  • One of the largest database of internships and entry-level jobs. Students can access more than 190K internships from 115K companies all over the country for free! 
  • Coolworks: Volunteer opportunities for those in search of adventure.
  • Resource for volunteer opportunities, Employer and Non-profit organizations.
  • Rising Star Internships: Search for an exciting internship in your major, post your resume, or check out the latest internship postings.
  • Special Olympics of Connecticut: Find information on how to volunteer for Special Olympics and become part of a unique program.
  • United Way of Connecticut: Information on volunteering with the United Way
  • The Connecticut Humane Society: Assist an animal shelter with general animal care or help find loving homes.
  • The Connection Inc. Various volunteer opportunities available.
  • The Washington Center: Offers general internship opportunities in a variety of academic and professional areas in our nation's capitol.
  • Women Make Movies: Internships available to learn the workings of Independent Film distribution at Women Make Movies. Internships are available in Marketing, Publicity, Graphic Production, Filmmaker Services, Media Workshop, Distribution, or Administrative.

Government Jobs

  • AmeriCorps: A nationwide service program that provides thousands of Americans of all ages and backgrounds with education awards in exchange for a year or two of community service.
  • FBI: Browse through the exciting job opportunities at the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  • Leadership Institute: The Leadership Institute's free Intern Placement Service will help you find the best internship and employment opportunities in Washington, D.C.
  • U.S.A. Jobs: The U.S. Government's official site for jobs and employment information provided by the United States Office of Personnel Management.

Seasonal or Temporary Employment

  • Complete listing of part-time and hourly jobs in your area.
  • An excellent site for anyone who wants to work in Connecticut for the summer.
  • A one-stop destination for information about thousands of job openings at approximately 300 of America's best summer camps.

Salary Information

  • PayScale: Get information about a job's salary and offers limited access to salary reports in selected professions.

Jobs Outside the United States

  • Canadian Careers: A site for people that want to work in Canada. Includes a Canadian jobs database, a career site of the day, and a large collection of links.
  • Council Exchange: With CIEE's world of opportunity you can work abroad, join a student exchange, volunteer overseas, or teach English in a foreign country
  • International Monster: Job Search Search for jobs by international location or region.
  • Overseas Jobs: A great resource for anyone looking for a job internationally, with more than 700 links to employment resources in more than 40 countries and regions.
  • Simple search engine where you can enter a keyword and location and view thousands of jobs.  Also see the featured countries listed on the bottom of their homepage!

Area Newspapers

  • Do not respond to suspicious and/or “too good to be true” unsolicited job emails/phone calls/texts/etc.
  • In general, applicants do not pay a fee to obtain a job (but there are some rare exceptions-so be careful and consult with a professional at the Center for Career Development first).
  • Watch out for grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • If the scammer is asking you to email another account or fill out a form that is outside of their business email account.
  • Telling you have been hired for a job before submitting a resume, or have not been interviewed for a company that you do not remember applying to.
  • Do not meet an employer for an interview at a suspicious location and/or time.
  • If you are going on a job interview, be sure to let a friend or family member know when, where, and with whom you are meeting. Provide your friend or family members the name of the company and the name of the person you are meeting, address of the interview, and company contact information such as a phone number and email. via World Privacy Forum offers the following job search safety tips as key indicators of job scams:

  • Never give physical details about eye color, height, hair color, etc.
  • Be suspicious if a company asks for your Social Security Number via email
  • A company less than one year old should be thoroughly researched
  • Use caution if the website for the company indicated by the sender's email address does not exist or is "under construction"
  • A check of the domain name of the company in gives highly contradictory information
  • At times, notably poor spelling throughout a job ad can tip you off that there may be a problem, especially when found in conjunction with other factors such as no website, etc.

Let us Know @

Please report any suspicious or scam activity immediately to the OCPD so that we can prevent others from being affected.

An important aspect of the job search process is determining appropriate employers and job postings.

The following are some guidelines and tips that students should employ to avoid applying for dubious jobs:

  • Closely monitor positions that have been posted on a Saturday or Sunday; scams generally occur over the weekend
  • Be concerned if you must give your credit card or bank account numbers or copies of personal documents but you get nothing in writing
  • A red flag should rise if you must send payment by wire service or courier
  • It is not reasonable for an employer to offer you a large payment or reward in exchange for allowing the use of your bank account - especially for depositing checks or transferring money
  • Question the receipt of an unexpectedly large check