Promoting Academically Successful Students (PASS)

Southern was awarded approximately $140,000 during the spring 2019 and fall 2019 semesters, with the promise of an additional $75,000 for spring 2020, from the Connecticut Office of Higher Education Minority Advancement Program for the Promoting Academically Successful Students (PASS) program. The PASS program provides additional supports for students of color who are on academic probation/warning.

To date, 95 SCSU students of color, referred to as Rising Scholars, have been selected to take part in the PASS program. The SCSU PASS program has three components: academic enhancements, social-emotional learning, and counseling/advisement. To address the technology gap, the digital divide, for students of color, given the importance of technology to academic success, a laptop loan program was also created. All of the supports and services offered are grounded in alleviating obstacles to academic success, while holistically supporting students. Over the last two semesters, 63% of the students who have completed the PASS program are no longer on academic probation/warning.