Promoting Academically Successful Students (PASS)

This Promoting Academically Successful Students (PASS) program is supported by the Minority Advancement Program administered by the Connecticut Office of Higher Education. The University Access Programs (UAP) Office was awarded funding to provide supportive services to students of color who are on academic probation/warning. 

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About PASS

By participating in the Promoting Academically Successful Students (PASS) Program you will be a part of a cultural inclusive BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) community, where students will be given the tools to succeed and learn how to navigate other campus resources. Most of all, the PASS program has proven to help students get off academic warning/probation in one-two semesters and increase a sense of belonging at Southern.  

A collage of students with the logo for the University Access Program promoting Spring 2020

What will PASS offer

  • Academic Enhancement Supports, such as coaching, tutoring, and workshops
  • Advocacy Support, which provides holistic support helping students navigate campus resources
  • Social-Emotional Learning, which consists of informative and fun programs
  • Career Exploration, opportunities to evaluate and help students learn about various career options.

Benefits PASS offers

All of the supports and services offered are grounded in alleviating obstacles to academic success. Students participating in the PASS program will have access to:

  • Book Loan Program, students will have the opportunity to receive assistance with textbooks for the semester. The PASS Program Coordinator requires students to complete a book loan form, and students will return the books to PASS Office at the end of the semester to be upcycled into the University Book Loan Program in the Buley Library.
  • Laptop Loan Program, (on a first-come, first-served basis) students can request to loan a Microsoft laptop for the semester from the University Access Programs (UAP) Office. Students must fill out a laptop loan form and will return the laptop the week of finals.

Who qualifies for PASS

Important: Only SCSU students of color on academic warning/probation and below a 2.0 cumulative GPA. Space is limited to 50 students and admission is not guaranteed once the program is filled.

History of PASS

To date, 450 SCSU students of color, referred to as Rising Scholars, have been selected to take part in the PASS program. The SCSU PASS program has four components: academic enhancements, social-emotional learning, advocacy, and career exploration. All of the supports and services offered are grounded in alleviating obstacles to academic success, while holistically supporting students. Over the last nine semesters, 67% of the students who have completed the PASS program are no longer on academic probation/warning. 


For more information about PASS program, please contact

Dominique Burrell
PASS Program Coordinator
(203) 392-8378