Waiver Policy

Candidates should apply to the Southern Master in Business Administration program upon obtaining their bachelor’s degree.  SCSU can waive some courses in the traditional MBA Program if you are eligible.  If you elect to do the Accelerated MBA program (AMBA), instead of waiving the courses, you should take them as PASS/FAIL.  Please refer to the waiver policy below AND AMBA (Accelerated Master in Business Administration) Waiver policy.

Waiver Policy

Any of the eight required first-year courses (except MBA 502) may be waived based on appropriate undergraduate or graduate courses taken within the immediate six years prior at a regionally accredited institution.

Waivers will be considered at the time of admission; waivers based on a “B” (3.0) or higher in the appropriate courses will be considered.  Students who seek transfer credit must submit a written request (with a course syllabus or course description of the previously completed coursework) to the SCSU MBA Director during the first semester of attendance.  Normally, waivers are decided within the first semester of study.  Only courses with grades of “B” or higher may be used in meeting waiver guidelines for the required courses.  Only required foundation courses may be waived. 

A course that has been waived may not be taken or used for elective credits.  No tuition refund or cancellation will be issued for courses taken and subsequently waived.  Moreover, waiving of courses does not reduce the total minimum number of 39 credits to complete the program.

Waiver Guidelines

The minimum course requirements, all taken within the immediate six years prior, for waivers are:

MBA 500: Two courses in principles of or general management MBA 501: One course in macroeconomics and one course in microeconomics.

MBA 503: Two upper-division courses in Finance MBA 504: Two upper-division courses in Organizational Behavior or Industrial Psychology MBA 505: Two upper-division courses in Marketing MBA 506: One course in Financial Accounting and one course in Managerial Accounting MBA 507: Two courses in Business Law.

The nature of the AMBA requires that all students register for the four (4) courses of the cohort at the same time. The student is considered a FULL-TIME Student and has a full-time tuition. 

The MBA Director decided that students who have waivers or have already taken the course will not receive letter grades, but instead, for participation, will earn a P (Pass).  If the students do not participate at all they will earn an F (fail).  The minimal participation should comprise attending classes and participating in class activities but does not have to include the same standards as applied to those who have not been waived from the class.  The professor decides the minimum amount of work required to earn a PASS. The MBA office will informed the names of the students with waivers to the professors; There is a PASS/FAIL Form that must be completed by the student and sent to Registrar’s office after the Director signs it.