Accelerated Master of Business Administration

The Accelerated MBA can be pursued as a full-time chort program. Effective Fall 2024, it will be a 33-to-42 credit program, with only 33 credits required for a concentration after approval of waivers of up to nine (9) credits.

Classes are normally held on Saturdays to accommodate the demands of a full-time professional’s career, offering the candidate the flexibility to pursue their MBA with minimal disruption. Candidates participate in a “Cohort” format, which means you start and finish the program with the same group of MBA candidates.

AMBA Cohort Program Sequence - (30-42 Credits)

Choose 6 Non-waivable Courses (18 credits):
MBA 610 – Managerial Economics
MBA 618 – Managing Operations: Strategies, Processes and Tools
MBA 613 – Advanced Financial Management
MBA 614 – Managing Organizational Behavior & Design
MBA 615 – Advance Business/Marketing Strategy
MBA 616 – Accounting for Management
MBA 617 – Legal and Ethical Issues in Business and Management                                                

Reqired Capstone Integrated Knowledge Courses (6 Credits):
MBA 691 – Integrated Knowledge I
MBA 692 –Integrated Knowledge II - Experiential Capstone

*Concentration Courses (9 Credits):
Students select 9 credits from concentration courses:
MBA XXX – Concentration Course
MBA XXX – Concentration Course 
MBA XXX – Concentration Course 

Waiver Policy

All applicants with business undergraduate business degrees or extensive industry experience can be waived from taking 9 waivable credits. Non-business undergraduate students will take course work in up to 9 waivable credits prior to joining the MBA program. Waivers are reviewed and determined by the MBA Director.