Certification Programs

The College of Education represents the Educator Preparation Provider (EPP) at Southern Connecticut State University. The College of Education, alone and in partnership with other colleges, is responsible for preparing teachers, school administrators, other school professionals, and community mental health counselors. The EPP offers the following State Approved Certification Programs: undergraduate programs (leading to Bachelor of Science degrees), Post Baccalaureate programs and Graduate programs  (MAT, MS, Sixth year Certificates SYC, Graduate Certificates and EdD) preparing students for the Connecticut teacher certification.

Aligned with Connecticut State Department of Education requirements, students seeking admission to any professional teacher education program may take no more than two professional education courses before they are accepted. Therefore, it is necessary to meet all admission requirements in a timely manner in order to continue taking certification-related course work. Failure to comply with this policy may invalidate the courses taken outside of this policy. These requirements apply to all students seeking admission to any teacher preparation program.

Candidates must maintain good standing throughout the teacher education program in order to qualify for our recommendation for certification to the State Department of Education. Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with Connecticut's teacher certification regulations and keeping abreast of changes to those regulations. If state regulations change before completion of a certification program, students will be required to meet these new regulations in order to receive the University's recommendation for certification to the State Department of Education.

i.   Undergraduate programs applications are submitted to the College of Education using this link, after consultation with a program coordinator.

ii. Graduate applications are submitted through the SCSU admission portal - Graduate programs.


Durational Shortage Area Permit (DSAP)

Candidates matriculated into a Graduate teacher preparation program or an advanced educator program, designated as a shortage area program by the state, may be eligible to use their teaching/work experience under a DSAP to apply to their program requirement if supported by their program. To qualify, a candidate must be able to serve under the DSAP permit for a minimum of ten (10) full months.

Proof of enrollment – ED 177 Form

  • Candidates need to be enrolled in a Certification program in the College of Education and should have successfully completed at least 12 CR in the program as per CSDE guidelines.
  • The DSAP position must be in the same content area for which the candidate's plan of study for state certification has been approved.