Author Title
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Kyla Wetherall Lacunae: A Poetry Chapbook
Author Title
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Makenna Perry Temporal and Spatial Trends in Marine Biodiversity in Chesapeake Bay, Long Island Sound, and New Hampshire Estuaries
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Jedrek Wittenberger Increasing Interest in STEM Education 
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Author Title
Lupita Barajas La Gringa: A Latina’s Education In Whiteness Class
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Mia Forgione Under A Salt: Local (Mal)Adaptation To Road Salt In Populations Of An Amphibian, Rana Sylvatica
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Rossella Graniero Effects Of Acute Vs. 4-Week Ketone Ester Supplementation On Human Substrate Oxidation During Aerobic Exercise
Ryan Higgins Edge Distinguishing Chromatic Number
Danielle Klaskin Creation Of A Synthetic Biological Biosensor For Detecting Tuberculosis
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Madison Lazaro Enabling Reliable And Secure Global Climate Change Accounting Using Blockchain Technologies
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Asma Rahimyar Examining The Extent Of, And Interntional Non-Response To, Human Rights Violations Within Soviet Occupied Afghanistan
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Jade Serrano Nonconsensual Intimate Imagery: Exploring Victimization In A Digital Landscape Focusing On The Erasure Of Public Stigma
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Joaquina Travia High School Health Education, Cybersex Prevention And Cybersex Propensity
Sarah Vedder Can We Pretend This Never Happened?
Katarina Viniczay The Perceptions Of Culturally Diverse College Students Who Stutter
Therese Ziaks Synthesis And Determination Of Stability Of ?-Ketoesters And ?-Ketoamides Under Physiological Conditions
Author Title
Laura Cristina Abreu Molina Perceptions of The Climate Crisis and Climate Justice Among Southern Connecticut State University Students
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Jason Crowell A Description of Antecedent Social Reactivity to Substance Use Disorders: A Comparison of The American Approach to Substance Abuse to Countries Embracing Policies Focused on Harm-Reduction and Public Health
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Elizabeth S. Endri Convolutional Neural Networks for Pavement Crack Detection Using Asphalt Pavement Images
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Mia Forgione Under A Salt: Local (Mal)Adaptation To Road Salt In Populations Of An Amphibian, Rana Sylvatica
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Rachel Iassogna Increasing Language for Communication in Children with ASD Using Sign Language
Rachel Kelsall The Chemistry of Brewing: Exploring the Synergistic Relationship Between Science Education And 
Caitlyn Koster Continuity Versus Discontinuity Between Human and Animal: How Naturalistic Intelligence in College Students Predicts the Perception of Animal Reasoning
Madeline Lynch Activity Profile of NCAA Division II Women’s Soccer Players Using GPS Tracking Devices
Emma Martone Investigation of The Relationship Between Regular Physical Activity and The Presence and Severity of Major Depressive Symptoms Special Project (Due To Covid-19 Quarantine): Occupational Therapy Assistive Equipment Prescription
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Brooke Mercaldi Examining The Beach Dynamics of The Connecticut Shoreline and Their Implications for Coastal Zone Management
Jillian Murphy Articulation Errors Amongst Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
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Stephanie Preising Grapevine Virus Diseases in Connecticut And Fig Mosaic Disease and The Associated Culprits
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Stephanie Richard Organic To Mineral Shell Components Through Molluscan Shell Growth Stages
Mikaela Rivera  A Study Examining the Screening Practices and Resources for Social Determinants of Health in Women's Health Care Centers of Greater New Haven
Natalie Rogers Sprouted: A Collection of Short Stories
Victoria Rooney Caregiver Assessment Results Provide Insight on Effect of SSD On Social Communication
Steff Sirois Where They Want You: A Collection of Short Stories
Natasha Tarbell Phonemic Restoration for Audiovisual Speech in The Broader Autism Phenotype
Rian Tucci Characterization of The Mno2-Mwcnt Nanocomposite for Supercapacitor Applications
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Alexis Zhitomi Impact of The Method of Dysphagia Assessment on Clinical Outcomes in Veterans with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Author Title
Katherine Adams Using Volunteer Experiences To Enhance Clinical Learning In The Medical Setting: Outcomes And Benefits For The Undergraduate Student
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Danielle Bass Photos In My Mind
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Gina Connolly Effects Of Stress On The Lives Of Corrections Officers: A Review Of The Literature
Mia DiScipio Sailing Around The World, Circumnavigating The Self: A Journey Of Anticipation, Displacement, And Reflection
Rory P. Dougall Closets Are Too Small For Wheelchairs: An Autoethnography Of Schooling And Coming Out
Donald Emanuel III Partisan Risk A Republican Strategy To Politically Engage Millennials
Emory Hanby Farb Assessing The Knowledge And Attitudes Toward Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Among College Students
Madison Feshler Reducing Mental Health Stigma In College Students: An Indirect-Contact Intervention
Carley Fitzgerald Mathematics Teacher Self-Efficacy In Pre-Service Elementary School Teachers
Haley Flax A Transformed Perspective: Understanding Racial And Cultural Identity Through Transracial Adoption
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Leanna Jadus Northeast Accounting And Recruiting Practices
Evangeline Jenkins Assessing The Relationship Between Exercise And Stress In Nursing Students
Emma Knauerhase A Spatial Analysis Of Hospice Care In South Africa’s Western Cape Province
Megan-Leigh Larsen "I’m Not Trying To Be Like Picasso”: Using Cti To Study How Individuals Express Confidence In Their Identity As Artists
Brooke Lotto The Prevalence Of Unconditioned Anxiety And Ethanol Consumption In The Offspring Sires Exposed To Binge-Levels Of Ethanol
Victoria Louis “There Will Be More Of Us”: Influences On African American Teachers’ Retention In Public Schools
Kaitlyn Lucas Being Environmentally Conscious By Reducing The Use Of Disposable Products As A Sound Financial Decision
Anna Laura W. McKowen An Experimental Investigation On The Benefits Of Yoga Nidra For Veterans And College Students: An Explorative Study
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Abby Rodrigue A Biopsychosocial Approach To Understanding The Impact Of Witnessing Domestic Violence Among Children
Philip Sarrazin Google Earth Analysis Of Infrastructure Development Associated With The 2010 Fifa World Cup In Cape Town, South Africa
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Mary Spodnick Prenatal Exposure To A Cannabinoid Agonist During Critical Periods Of Neural Development
Christine Stackhouse Women’s Rights Impact On Advertisements In The U.S. & France
Alexandra Takacs The Theory And Practice Of A 21st Century Civics Curriculum 
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Rachael Tyrrel Traumatic Brain Injuries: Pre-Service And Practicing Educator Knowledge
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Noel R. Womack Optimization Of Suzuki-Miyaura Reaction Conditions And Antibacterial Assesment Of Oxazaborolidine Derivatives